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In a Moment…food in a flash 5/5 (1)

By Richard Poynton - January 28, 2015

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Asparagus Roll

Chargrill the asparagus
Wrap each stem of asparagus with thinly sliced Parma ham
Place them side-by-side in a dish
Flood them with olive oil and splash with balsamic vinegar
Finish off with Parmesan shavings

Polenta with Toppings

Bring 4 cups of chicken stock and 2Tsp butter to the boil and pour in
1 cup polenta in one whoosh
Stir until thickend and pour into a baking tray to cool.
Top with tapenade and chopped olives or fried tomatoes and goats cheese.

Bufanos Sausages

Fry porkies sausages until cooked
Slice them open and fill with fresh tomato and onion
Cover them with whipped cream mixed with honey and whole grain mustard

Chorizo Prittata

Beat 6 eggs, season and add
1/2 cup cream
Lightly fry sliced chorizo,
chopped tomatoes, sage and onions
Tip these into the beaten eggs and fry in a buttered fry pan until nearly set.
Place under the grill to finish off the top.

About Richard Poynton

Richard Poynton Richard is in love with food, a passion of his since school days. All his and Mouse’s travels have been based around food and wine, giving him experiences which have stood him in good stead for his food creations at Cleopatra. He bases all his dishes on flavour first and loves trying new ingredients and ideas – mixing and matching – to give a perfect balance on each plate.

One thought on “In a Moment…food in a flash

  1. We had a lovely breakfast Sunday morning at Cleopatra’s. The food was delicious and the scones the best I have EVER eaten!
    I am so impressed with the cookbook! Thanks for sharing so many tips and tit bits.
    Your generosity is inspiring!

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