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Tomato paste recipes

By Richard Poynton - November 19, 2014

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Download the Tomato paste recipes.

Tomato paste is an absolute staple in our kitchen. It has a concentration you rarely get by reducing your own fresh tomatoes. It is creamy which makes it great for spreading over things to add an instant dash of flavour.

Pink Mayo

Add 1 Tsp tomato paste to your favourite mayonnaise and our over grilled prawns. Serve with a lemon slice and shredded lettuce.


Add 1 Tsp tomato paste to your favourite Hollandaise or Bearnaise sauce and pour it over grilled or steamed fish or chicken.

Baked bread

To your favourite bread recipe add 1 small tin of tomato paste as well as a handful of chopped olives – green and black.
Bake as usual and serve warm with butter which has had some basil leaves torn into it. Grate some Parmesan over the butter.

Potato salad

Mix tomato paste with sour cream and pour over warm boiled potatoes.
Sprinkle over some spring onions and cumin seeds.

Pitta bread

Slice a pitta bread in half and spread with tomato paste.
Fill with rocket, basil and shredded ham or chicken.
Flood with aioli and sprinkle with pine nutes.

About Richard Poynton

Richard Poynton Richard is in love with food, a passion of his since school days. All his and Mouse’s travels have been based around food and wine, giving him experiences which have stood him in good stead for his food creations at Cleopatra. He bases all his dishes on flavour first and loves trying new ingredients and ideas – mixing and matching – to give a perfect balance on each plate.

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